Industrial Technology
Textile enzyme & Textile auxiliaries

Low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development are the themes of the times in the textile industry. KDN Biotech is committed to replacing or partially replacing traditional chemical treatment methods with biological solutions, thereby reducing energy and water consumption, and reducing the use of toxic and polluting chemicals.

We can provide de-sizing enzymes, biological de-sizing solutions, it is environmental-friendly and can realize cleaner production
We can provide bio-scouring enzymes used for the bio-scouring process of cotton, linen yarn and fabrics
We can provide neutral polishing enzymes for bio-polishing of cotton fabrics, without adjusting the pH, to maximize the strength of the fabric
We can provide a one-bath enzyme for neutral peroxide-removal, bio-polishing and dyeing to minimize the process flow and save water and electricity
We can provide acid polishing enzymes with fast bio-polishing speed, smooth and clean fabric surface, and increase the added value of products.

Our products are environmental-friendly and pollution-free, while creating value for customers, we also help them achieve clean production, reduce resource waste, and achieve the goal of sustainable development of the industry. We will continue to stay close to customers, look for the most real market needs, develop innovative products, and help customers improve their market competitiveness.