Industrial Technology
Papermaking enzyme & papermaking additive

The paper industry is facing ever-increasing pressure to reduce its impact on environment.
KDN Biotech develops cost-effective biological solutions that reduce energy and water consumption and reduce the use of toxic chemicals.
No matter what your business needs are, we believe that we will be able to explore the best biological solutions based on your needs.
If you want to efficiently remove ink ions and reduce the amount of chemicals, we can provide deinking enzymes.
If you want to save energy consumption for refining and reduce the ratio of long fiber pulp, we can provide beating enzymes.
If you want to improve the whiteness and save the amount of bleaching agent, we can provide alkaline xylanase
Your needs are our pursuit, and our position is to be a biological expert in papermaking enzymes. We are willing to work with you to solve industry problems and meet the requirements of sustainable development.

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