Industrial enzyme
Commit to solve the problems of high pollution and high energy consumption in industrial production through the use of green and clean biotechnology, and to save water, energy, time, emissions and reduce the reliance on the chemicals for the industrial fields through the research and development and promotion of green and environmental-friendly new products and processes basing on biological enzyme preparations
Food enzymes
Focus on the healthy development of the food industry, accurately grasp the core issues of customer value acquisition, provide customers with more cost-effective product solutions through technological innovation and development and the pursuit of new product features, enhance customers' value realization capabilities, and promote customers through innovation value optimization
Micro ecology
"Sustainable development, green, concentration" has become the development trend of China's detergent industry. Bio-sourced, biodegradable, safe and efficient detergent enzymes can help you.
Bio catalysis
Take microbial cells as factories, use biomass as raw materials, and use enzyme proteins as catalysts to help the manufacturing process of biomass energy, chemicals and drug synthesis. As we all know, the biocatalysis and conversion efficiency of enzymes play a key role in the production efficiency of products.