About KDN Biotech

KDN Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Qingdao Vland Biotech Inc. and was rated as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise in 2018.

Qingdao Vland Biotech Inc. and its subsidiaries have been successively honored as "Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center", "National Engineering Technology Research Center for Animal Health Products", "International Joint Research Center for Biocatalysis Technology", "National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", and "High-tech Enterprise", "National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Biocatalysis Technology", "Key Laboratory of Enzyme Breeding in China's Light Industry", "Key Laboratory of Animal Health Products Engineering Technology of the Ministry of Agriculture", "Top Ten Enzyme Preparation Enterprises in China", "Shandong Provincial talent import Domonstration Base ", owning academician expert workstations and post-doctoral scientific research workstations. Qingdao Vland Biotech Inc. ranked the 1st position of the biological industry in the selection of 1,098 nationally recognized enterprise technology centers in 2015

Qingdao Vland Biotech Inc. and its subsidiaries have won 1 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 first prize of Technology Invention Award of Ministry of Education, 1 first prize of Shennong Award of Ministry of Agriculture; owning 238 domestic authorized invention patents, 4 US authorized patents, 1 European authorized patent, 16 PCT patents.

Qingdao Vland Biotech Inc. ranked first in the number of invention patents among the top 25( data collected during period 2014-2015) national industrial bio-technology companies, this ranking was officially issued in the year 2015 by the professional document "China Industrial Biotechnology White Paper . Also ranked 177th among the top 500 Chinese patent companies in 2019.

In the recent years, Qingdao Vland Biotech Inc. has presided over 33 national-level projects such as international cooperation projects and national 863 projects, and participated in 22 projects of them, also presided over and participated in 44 national and industrial standards formulation about the enzyme preparation and animal health industries, of which 40 have been promulgated and 4 are pending promulgated.